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yourbook makes it easy to support local bookstores by shopping online – because it's a mutual benefit: you benefit from the finest selections and recommendations and the bookstores benefit from the sales.

If there's a bookstore you really love, please make sure to mark it as your favorite bookstore – this way your favorite bookstore earns an extra share on each purchase you make on yourbook.
Personal recommendations
Sometimes bookstores are only the final step when buying a book, we also trust in the recommendations from people who are important to us. yourbook makes it easy to share your reading experience with others. So if you are interested in what your friends are reading or which books they recommend, this is the perfect place for you.
Real life reading samples
You all know the problems with reading samples – they feel like the first pages ripped out of a book and that's it. This is why we came up with some better idea: Instead of only showing the first few pages you may browse the entire book up to 10% of its total contents.

So it's completely up to you what you would like to read – the beginning, the ending or some passages in between. You may even search for particular keywords or quotes. Just like in a real bookstore.
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