… reach out to customers directly while supporting local bookstores.
More visibility and reach
We don't want you to pay for advertising – we want you to sell more books. So please feel free to grow your own commnity on yourbook and reach out to readers free of charge. On the contrary – we pay you a 10% commission on every book sold through your activities. This applies also for affiliate links, which are easy to create and to use.
Give your backlist a boost
When it comes to traditional online shops, all the visibility goes to current top titles, whose presentation is tied to promotion fees.

On yourbook, publishers are free to present their entire programs and give backlist titles new exposure through our community-based approach.
Support independent bookstores
Engangement on yourbook does not only pay off for publishers, but independent bookstores as well, as partner bookstores automatically earn 15% on each purchase made by their loyal customers.

This way we build a value added network of partners supporting each other and sharing the mutual benefits.
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