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Of course you can find every bookshop somewhere on the web – but instead of clicking through thousands of different pages and re-entering your credentials or addresses, how about having all bookstores in one place? So you can browse comfortably from shelf to shelf and get all the best book recommendations?
Bookstores make extra money
For every book that you discover and buy because of a bookstore’s recommendation, the respective bookstore earns 10% of the sales price. And if you have a favourite bookstore, please make sure to designate it as your regular bookstore, so it gets an additional 15% on each purchase, no matter who made the recommendation.

The recommending person or bookstore will of course also receive a 10% share. And if you buy a book because of the recommendation made by your regular bookstore, it even earns a full 25%.
Thus everyone benefits – as do you, by always having the best selection of books to pick from.
You may of course also assign a bookshop as your regular one even if that bookshop does not have an active profile yet. We will take care and inform the bookshop about its credit balance and ask them to send us an invoice for the specified amount.
And what if a bookshop refuses?
If a bookshop does not want the money to be cashed out, we collect and distribute those sums among the remaining bookshops by end of each year. So in any case, the money goes to bookstores.

If you are interested in how we distribute the generated income, you can find out here.
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