… this is how the internet becomes your partner!
Get the attention of walk-in customers online
Regardless of how the book trade will look like in the future – readers are online. And while social media companies draw all the attention, huge platforms monopolize the buying power.

By combining a social network and a shop, yourbook enables readers to find their way back to their favorite bookstore online – and shop from their bookstore instead of you-know-who.
Convert occasional customers into loyal customers
Being visible to walk-in customers is only the very first step – the key to success is a lasting customer relationship. We therefore ask our users to select their favorite bookstore, so their favorite bookstore profits from each purchase made on yourbook. Bookstores thus generate steadily growing streams of revenue.
Grow your sales – online and offline
At yourbook, bookstores are rooted right in the heart of the book community. Expertise and customer care can be digitally scaled and monetized. Each partner bookstore builds its own community free of charge – be it in order to drive online sales or to give their fans and followers some reason to drop by in person the next time they are in town.
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